Cinhomo Joven is a new part of the Cinhomo International Festival. Launched in 2018, its main purpose is to offer an educational space to high school students inside of Cinhomo.
The films and the festival stand at the core of a global educational activity which pretends to be an answer to the challenges and needs that sexual diversity represent to modern society. This opening includes the implementation of a clear and organized study, with refection and analysis workshops, and will hopefully bring a little increase in values that every citizen should develop.

Some of the goals of Cinhomo Joven:

To appreciate cinema as a form of art. To learn with films.
To know about the festival and enjoy the movie selected for screening.
To analyse in a personal and introspective manner the contents of the film and its educational aspects.
To create adequate examples of sexual diversity and standards of action in the school environment for the development of this diversity in all other spheres.
To provide a critical sense to students, in order for them to be able to develop their own opinions and make their own decisions, free and without prejudice.
To conduct a reflection which will provide us with values and ideals of equality and respect.
To boost the conversation and to encourage the debate in order to develop the ability to understand and respect our differences.
To focus on similarities between the film and actual problems in the teenagers’ lives, and to encourage the students to find their own place in the world.


Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho

Winner of the Audience Award of Cinhomo 2015 Festival.

Brazil | 2014 | 97′
Direction: Daniel Ribeiro
Actors: Ghilherme Lobo, Fabio Audi, Tess Amorim, Selma Egrei

Leonardo is a blind teenager looking for freedom. The arrival of Gabriel will change his everyday life, as well as his relation with best friend Giovana and the way he sees the world.